Using digital tools for fundamental changes.

All the world’s business and political leaders agree that we need to rethink capitalism if we want a sustainable future… At Dividis, we’re ahead of the game, putting these ideas into practice.

The innovative and distinctive part of this report is the need for leaders everywhere to change their mindsets toward building long-term resilience, toward a regenerative approach to business and ultimately toward reinventing capitalism.

Peter Baker,

president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Author of "The Vision 2050: Time to Transform" report.

Our why

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

Though most CEOs and political leaders agree that we need systemic changes in our economies if we want a sustainable future, not enough of the world’s big companies are embracing this necessity. At Dividis, we’ve decided to lead by example and apply the new circular economy mindset. As small businesses, we still have the power to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our what

Changing the face of social media.

The big social media platforms generate billions of dollars of income through advertising and data sale. At Dividis, we decided to turn this concept on its head and build a social media platform specially for communities. All communities have two things in common: one, they communicate with their members and two they are always in search of extra funding. We provide just that.

Our how

Socially responsible advertising is our business.

More than fifty percent of the profit generated by our socially responsible advertising flows back to the communities using it. We’re building social capital and creating customer loyalty. We also pledge a portion of our profit to supporting ongoing, effective environmental projects.