2050 is closer than you think. Start climate action now!

Our environment matters

Giving back to the planet.

At Dividis, we do not only give back to the communities, we also give back to Earth. All over the world, native forests are being cut down. We do our best to contribute to the fight against this deforestation by planting trees across the 6 continents. 


global forest regeneration

Planting trees

We have partnered with NGO's that replants trees and takes care of forests around the world. When you buy a Dividis Fund package, trees will automatically be planted in our partner forests around the planet for a greater global impact.


Portugal has experienced massive wildfires in recent years. Help us replant native trees in Europe.
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Borneo is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots on earth. It is under constant pressure from the palm oil industry who destroy ancient forests to plant lucrative palm plantations.
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Madagascar hosts a unique fauna and flora, many species of which are only found on the ‘red’ island. Sadly, most of its ancient rainforests have already been destroyed.
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the amazon rainforest

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on earth and our planet’s ‘lungs’. Deforestation is the day to day activity of the cattle industry and is rapidly destroying this essential natural environment.
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Last year California suffered some of the worst wildfires in its known history.
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Australia has had severe droughts in recent years and massive wildfires as a consequence. Help us regenerate the habitat of the koalas and the kangeroos.
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